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$44 Per Month


  • Instant Access to the 2.1 MEGALiFE™️ Club (Private Facebook Group and Online Portal)

  • Be a Team Leader or get on a 4x4 Mile Relay Team (That is one lap around the track, which represents one year around the track of life) 

  • Instant Access to MEGALiFE™️ Virtual Class

  • Exclusive Bi-weekly Virtual Sessions with Dr. Carolyn and her Team for Club Members Only

  • Private Invitation to special events with Dr. Carolyn and her team 

  • Complimentary Entrance into one MEGALiFE™️ Tour

  • 2021 & Beyond VISION Matrix and S.T.R.O.N.G.™️ Goals Map

  • Be a part of a local, state or regional MEGALiFE™️ Team 

  • Special Surprises and an opportunity to connect with like-minded visionaries, plus so much more...

  • Join the MEGALiFE™️ Club and Let’s do LiFE™️ Together

MEGA Benefits:

  • Learn principles that will save YOU time and money and prevent mistakes by choosing LiFE™️ principles that works

  • Join a motivated, action oriented, results driven global MOVEMENT and learn the STEPS to Writing Your Vision and Goal Setting that produces results

  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

  • Finance Sessions from Financial Advisors

  • Health Sessions, including therapy from a Licensed Clinical Therapist 

  • Life Coaching from Certified Coaches

  • Nutrition guide from our Certified Nutritionist 

  • Faith Talks from our Spiritual Leaders

  • Debt Free Strategies

  • Goal Mapping & Courses

  • Be showcased on the Dr. Carolyn Show plus more...

  • RESULTS revealed Party at the MEGALiFE Experience 2.1 (August 18th - 21st) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

The late Dr. Myles Monroe said "The poorest person in the world is not the one that has no money but it's the one that has no vision" 


“Vision is the source and hope of life. The greatest gift ever given to mankind is not the gift of sight, but the gift of vision.

Sight is a function of the eyes; vision is a function of the heart” (Munroe, 2003, p. 11).  


Billionaire investor Warren Buffet said this:  "When I worked on my job I made a living. When I worked on myself I made a fortune." 


It wasn't until the late Steve Jobs worked on personal development that Apple began to thrive

Cast the 2.1 Clear VISION and run the race of LiFE

No more delays!! If not now, then when?

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Success is Simple

Success is Personal 

Success is a System with STEPS, it’s NOT a Secret


Purpose = Prosperity 

Vision Fuels your Values

Beliefs shapes your bottom line 


Who’s talking to you? 

How many VOICES are you listening to? 

The Time is NOW to follow a Leader with Results and proven strategies that work. 


Take Leadership of your LiFE™️

Vote for you and run your own race

Time to Be Bold and WIN GOLD 

Focus on You

Give yourself the Gift of LiFE™️

Become an Investor and Invest in your own LiFE!

Your future self is already thanking you for making this MEGA MOVE

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This is what the MEGALiFE™️ Club is all about:

How do I run this race of LiFE and live in abundance everyday?

AND..Once I start, what's the process to sustain the MEGALiFE™️?

How do I FOCUS and get results?

How do I get promoted?

How do I live the uncommon life?

How do I get out of DEBT, and become financially stabled? 

How do I support my family and help the poor at the same time?

How do I live my purpose and write the Vision?

How do I silence the negative voices?

How do I become intentional about living a wealthy life?

How do I maximize my time everyday?

How do I activate my Vision and run the race of LiFE? ​

PAUSE:  The answers are here!

Join the CLUB and Let's Do LiFE Together!

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