Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson is the Summit Host, a proud GenX, Keynote Speaker, International Best Selling Author, Leadership Maverick, Army Veteran, Model, Host of the Dr. Carolyn Show and has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show and so much more.

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She's the EVP of Integrity Consulting & Coaching Enterprise, a premier best-in-class firm that has over 30 combined years of service in leadership development, strategic mapping, visioning, life coaching, business coaching and so much more. 

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She's passionate about seeing lives transformed and teaching strategies of how to live life fully everyday.  She's the fresh voice that's creating a buzz locally, nationally and internationally.  Lives flourishes after coming into her presence. 

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Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson defines “Leader” through her disciplined acts of intelligence, honesty, creativity, confidence, drive as well as courageousness. It is impossible for change not to occur when implementing all of these tools in this book. Through Dr. Carolyn’s endless force, focus and commitment to see change, has given her the credibility to be a leader of leaders and the establishment of the Laws of Leadership. Her principles are superb!”

- Alicia Perry – Counselor – Life Transformation Counseling Centers of America, Inc. 

To be a leader you must first be a servant for at the end of the day leadership is a selfless act of service above self. Dr. Carolyn has been a humble servant leader who deeply cares for the well-being of those she leads. She speaks with the wisdom that comes from experience and has had her leadership style tried, tested and proven. This book will shift your life, business, career or relationships to the next level.” 


- Dr. Daniel Thomas – MBBS Research Fellow – Caribbean Institute of Health Research (CAIHR) 

Leadership guru Peter F. Drucker says leadership is ‘lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, raising their performance to a higher standard, and building their personality beyond its normal limitations.’ That is Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson in a nutshell. She has done that for me, and for everyone she encounters. She is the embodiment of leadership!”


- Reverend Darryl R. Williams – Senior Pastor – St. Stephen AME Church, Detroit, Michigan

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