"Transforming lives, one life, one family, one community, one organization, at a time" 

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson 

Army Veteran & Business Strategist 

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Friday July 10th 

10:00am CST

The Global Pandemic has hit us hard and many have lots hope. 

The Uprising is here!  The world as we knew it, will NEVER be the same! 


Now it's time to learn how to:

Rise Above the current situations and LIVE and LEAD Well

Time to: 

"Lead Authentically, Live Purposefully, Amidst Chaos"

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Virtual Doors Open at 9:45am 

Fri, Jul 10
Virtual Event
GLOBAL Leadership & Wellness Summit 2.0
The 2nd Annual Global Leadership & Wellness Summit 2.0 - one of a kind leadership and wellness event with special guests.

Summit Schedule 

FRIDAY 07.10.2020

Virtual Doors Open at 9:45am

Welcome Session

Health Sessions

Finance Sessions


The 5 Pillars of HEALTH

Expert Advice on Wellness

Investment Strategies

Money Mapping Matrix

80/20 Rule of Finance

Entrepreneurs Roadmap

Taking Leadership of your life, career, ministry and/or business 

plus more...


  • Rising from the CURRENT SITUATION


  • Rise from FEAR

  • Rise from ANGER

  • Rise from Abuse

  • Rise from Pain

  • Rise from Rejection

  • Rise from Brokenness and being broke

  • Rise from despair

  • Rise from failed relationships

  • Rise from Health Challenges

  • Rise from 'what they said" about you 

  • Mastering Limited Mindsets which causes Money Deficiency 

  • Exercising the MEGALiFE Success Formula

  • Learning the 10 Laws of Leadership 

  • BURN the PAST...Remap your BRAIN...create new Neurons 

  • Having it all - no LIMITS MINDSET 

  • The 5 Pillars of Health

  • What Happens When the Dream Dies? Does it live again

  • Understanding how to WALK in the RIGHT Timing. Not being too far ahead or lagging behind, just walking in TIMING 

  • Maximizing Your Gifts 

  • The 4 Pillars of Relationships 

  • Mobilizing TIME MAPPING 

  • STOP playing small / OWN your Greatness 

  • Own the Boardroom 

  • How to act like a Lady, Think like a Man, and Lead like a Queen (for the ladies)

  • ManUp (for the men)

  • Learn to identify when to wait on God vs. when He’s waiting on you 

  • Learn how to know which VOICE is speaking to you (there are at least 4 of voices) in operation at any given time. This may surprise you. 

  • Understand how to walk in ABUNDANCE and live in the OVERFLOW  

  • Discover which of the 10 Spheres of Influence you should own 

  • Which of the 10 Seasons of life are you in

  • How to Make Everyday Good Again


  • How to confidently live and declare your purpose without appearing prideful (this is huge) 

  • How to bounce back from Brokenness 


  • How to Focus and Get Results, plus more…


  • Learn principles that will save YOU time and money and prevent mistakes by choosing LiFE™️ principles that works

  • Join a motivated, action oriented, results driven global MOVEMENT and learn the STEPS to Writing Your Vision and Goal Setting that produces results

  • Experience a once in a lifetime moment 

  • Learn how to Master Mindsets, Mountains, and Money 

  • Exercise the Success Formula 

  • Grow Your Business & LiFE while Getting Crystal Clear 


MEGA Bonus


  • Prizes, Surprises​, and GIVE AWAYS 

Investment $110

Invest = Harvest

There’s a harvest coming for you when you Invest in YOU

Featured Book + Relaunch

Congratulations to Dr. Carolyn for her winning title

Fri, Jul 10
Virtual Event
GLOBAL Leadership & Wellness Summit 2.0
The 2nd Annual Global Leadership & Wellness Summit 2.0 - one of a kind leadership and wellness event with special guests.
Wed, Aug 19
Virtual Online Experience
MEGALiFE Experience 2.0
At the MEGALiFE EXPERIENCE, you’ll be experiencing this and more... Mastering Mindsets, Mountains, and Money Exercising the Success Formula Growing Your Business & LiFE and Getting Crystal Clear Applying the Steps2Wealth Strategies


We are excited to bring you some of the Industry's best Influencers of today! 

More Guest Celebrity Speakers to be announced soon!!

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Dr. Daniel T. 

To be a leader you must first be a servant for at the end of the day leadership is a selfless act of service above self. Dr. Carolyn has been a humble servant leader who deeply cares for the well-being of those she leads.


She speaks with the wisdom that comes from experience and has had her leadership style tried, tested and proven.


She is known as one that shifts the atmosphere for your life, business, career or relationships, so that you can experience life to its fullest potential. 

Shauntay N. 

Dr. Carolyn Anderson has been a blessing to both my personal and professional life.  Shortly after I met her I was going through a divorce and she instantly became a great supporter of my success and recovery. I felt lost, ashamed and discouraged.  She has helped me in redefining my goals and discovering what brings joy to my heart:, which is family.   Dr. Carolyn has encouraged me to believe that a person should never be limited when trying to fulfill their personal and professional dreams.  Thank you.  You are a treasure and a phenomenal blessing in my life. 

Chad U. 

Dr. Carolyn cares about helping people become the best they can be. Her success as a mother, wife, business owner, and child of God has given her the experiences to help people in all areas of their lives. If you are looking to take your life to a whole new level partnering with Dr. Carolyn will get you there faster with more success than you ever thought possible. I learned awhile ago that life is about associations and Dr. Carolyn is in my Top 5 associations because she is a difference maker. 


Do yourself a favor and partner with the best. You deserve it! Lead well!