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"Transforming lives, one life, one family, one community, one organization, at a time" 

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson 

Army Veteran & Business Strategist 

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Thursday 08.20.2020

Virtual Doors Open at 08:20am

Power Session


Friday 08.21.2020

Virtual Doors Open 9:00am


Calling all MEGA Lifers!! 
The time is NOW, to "Be Bold & Win Gold"

What is the MEGA? 

It's Making Everyday Good Again 


Are you ready to intentionally Make Everyday Good Again

The eXperience that you have been waiting for is here!

At the MEGA you'll get the experience and the education for SUCCESS

Experience + Education = ELEVATION

1+1 still = 2 


Are you ready for a FRESH START? 

Are you ready for a New Beginning? 

Are you ready to get out of DEBT? 

Are you ready to get CRYSTAL CLEAR

Are you ready to STEP into a Wealthy Place?

Are you ready to get SERIOUS about Living a Healthy life?

Do you feel like it's your TIME?

Are you ready to have meaningful Relationships?

Are you ready to connect with like minded Visionaries?

Are you ready to change your CIRCLE and step into the MEGA CIRLCE?


Are you ready to WRITE the 2020 VISION and Activate your Inner Power

Are you ready to MEGAFY your S.T.R.O.N.G GOALS

It's time for a RESET


If not NOW, then WHEN?


If you say Yes, then JOIN us for the MEGALiFE Experience of a lifetime

The missing piece of the puzzle is experiencing the MEGA! 

The ANSWERS are here!

The MEGALiFE Experience 

Make History With Us!

The Event Kicks off with a Warm Up Session 

Was $220  
Now $20  


  • Two full days of impactful teaching from Dr. Carolyn and all Speakers 

  • Learn the Success Matrix that is designed to save you time and money and prevent mistakes

  • Learn the 5 Principles of having healthy relationships

  • Apply the 7 Streams of Income instantly

  • Activate the MEGA MINDSET 

  • Learn how to Re-Map Your Brain

  • Accountability Partner Connections

  • Debt Free Strategies

  • Learn how to use residual income to build your Legacy and more...

Now $120


  • Everything in General Admission

  • Includes MEGALiFE Club (Month 1 Registration) Club Access $44 Value

  • Activating Times and Seasons ​Master Class

  • Two (2) hours Group Coaching with Dr. Carolyn ​

Limited Opportunity of a Lifetime

Advertise and Showcase your business, brand, career, family, platform and/or story in our Limited Global Edition of the MEGALiFE Magazine (The MEGAZINE)


While supplies last, show the world your greatness and excellence and let the world know what you have to offer

Personal Ads: $91

Business Ads: $139