"Transforming lives, one life, one family, one community, one organization, at a time" 

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson 

Army Veteran & Business Strategist 

Give yourself the Gift of LiFE

Become an Investor and Invest

in your own LiFE!


Your future self is already thanking you for making this BOLD MOVE

Earn your Seat at the

5th Annual

Living LiFE on Purpose

Ladies Lead-her-SHIP Soiree


Friday May 22ND 5:22pm

Saturday May 23rd 11:00am


For the first time in 17 YEARS, Dr. Carolyn will be opening the pages of her Journal that she SEALED on 12.31.2002, the day she was discharged from the hospital after loosing twin boys. She does not recall what's written in the pages and for the FIRST TIME at the Soiree, you will get to experience what's written on the SEALED PAGES live with her.

Grab a friend and share about this life changing event!

Get your tissue and let's get ready for the REVEAL of what's inside!


All Roads Lead to 05.22.2020 and 5.23.2020

Virtual Doors Open at 5:22pm on Friday 5.22.2020 

Fri, May 22
Virtual Room
Living LiFE on Purpose Ladies Soiree
The 5th Annual Living LiFE on Purpose Ladies Soiree: Theme: WE RiSE

Soiree's Schedule 


Doors Open Dance Jam

Pajama Party

Master Healing Sessions

Bon Fire

Girl Talk

We RiSE Activation

Circle of Trust  

plus more...


Power Sessions

Health Class

Finance Class


Cook Off

Hat Show


Real Talk Panelists

How to Lead her SHIP

plus more..



  • Rise from FEAR

  • Rise from ANGER

  • Rise from Abuse

  • Rise from Pain

  • Rise from Rejection

  • Rise from Brokenness and being broke

  • Rise from despair

  • Rise from failed relationships

  • Rise from Health Challenges

  • Rise from being a Fixer

  • Rise from 'what they said" about you 

  • Mastering Limited Mindsets which causes Money Deficiency 

  • Exercising the Ladies Success Formula

  • BURN the PAST...Remap your BRAIN...create new Neurons (ladies this is a big one) 

  • Having it all - no LIMITS MINDSET 

  • What does GOD has to say about who you are

  • When do you leave to love versus stay and resent 

  • The 5 Pillars of Health

  • What Happens When the Dream Dies? Does it live again

  • Understanding how to WALK in the RIGHT Timing. Not being too far ahead or lagging behind, just walking in TIMING 

  • Maximizing Your Gifts 

  • The 4 Pillars of Relationships 

  • Mobilizing TIME MAPPING 

  • STOP playing small / OWN your Greatness 

  • Own the Boardroom 

  • How to act like a Lady, Think like a Man, and Lead like a Queen

  • Learn to identify when to wait on God vs. when He’s waiting on you 

  • Learn how to know which VOICE is speaking to you (there are at least 4 of voices) in operation at any given time. This may surprise you. 

  • Understand how to walk in ABUNDANCE and live in the OVERFLOW  

  • Discover which of the 10 Spheres of Influence you should own 

  • Which of the 10 Seasons of life are you in

  • How to Make Everyday Good Again


  • How to confidently live and declare your purpose without appearing prideful (this is huge) 

  • How to bounce back from Brokenness 


  • How to Focus and Get Results, plus more…


  • Learn principles that will save YOU time and money and prevent mistakes by choosing LiFE™️ principles that works

  • Join a motivated, action oriented, results driven global MOVEMENT and learn the STEPS to Writing Your Vision and Goal Setting that produces results

  • Experience a once in a lifetime moment 

  • Learn how to Master Mindsets, Mountains, and Money 

  • Exercise the Success Formula 

  • Grow Your Business & LiFE while Getting Crystal Clear 


MEGA Bonus


  • Be amongst the FIRST to hear what is written on the pages of Dr. Carolyn's Journal 

  • Prizes, Surprises​, and GIVE AWAYS 

Investment $115

Invest = Harvest

There’s a harvest coming for you when you Invest in YOU

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Dr. Daniel T. 

To be a leader you must first be a servant for at the end of the day leadership is a selfless act of service above self. Dr. Carolyn has been a humble servant leader who deeply cares for the well-being of those she leads.


She speaks with the wisdom that comes from experience and has had her leadership style tried, tested and proven.


She is known as one that shifts the atmosphere for your life, business, career or relationships, so that you can experience life to its fullest potential. 

Shauntay N. 

Dr. Carolyn Anderson has been a blessing to both my personal and professional life.  Shortly after I met her I was going through a divorce and she instantly became a great supporter of my success and recovery. I felt lost, ashamed and discouraged.  She has helped me in redefining my goals and discovering what brings joy to my heart:, which is family.   Dr. Carolyn has encouraged me to believe that a person should never be limited when trying to fulfill their personal and professional dreams.  Thank you.  You are a treasure and a phenomenal blessing in my life. 

Chad U. 

Dr. Carolyn cares about helping people become the best they can be. Her success as a mother, wife, business owner, and child of God has given her the experiences to help people in all areas of their lives. If you are looking to take your life to a whole new level partnering with Dr. Carolyn will get you there faster with more success than you ever thought possible. I learned awhile ago that life is about associations and Dr. Carolyn is in my Top 5 associations because she is a difference maker. 


Do yourself a favor and partner with the best. You deserve it! Lead well!

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What you focus on is what you get. Your unconscious mind is like a well-behaved child that does exactly what it’s told and wants to help! Your focus is the message you are giving to your unconscious mind.

If you focus on your weaknesses, lack, rejection, pain, your unconscious mind helps you attract more of that into your life. Alternatively, if you focus on your successes, strengths, abundance, health, your unconscious mind helps you attract more of that in your life. So, get clear on what you really want and think about it every day!

What have you been focusing on this week (tasks, feelings, people)?



You are what you FOCUS on

Every second we are faced with sometimes over 2 million bits of information and the brain is oftentimes running on OVERLOAD.  We can only consciously absorb about 134 bits at any given time. So what happens to the other 1999866 bits? The brain was never designed to run on overload. 


Our unconscious mind takes in everything while our conscious mind filters information into the bits it is able to handle.  We filter by distorting, deleting and generalizing information based on our values, beliefs and experiences. This means that our perception of the world is created by our filters and it is super easy to miss out on helpful information and to be living in a constant state of being overwhelmed, tired, depressed, broken and in despair, just to name a few!  Most filters have been established by the age of 7-10. We spend the rest of our life seeking evidence to support our filters, however, you can REWIRE, RE-PROGRAM and RE-MAP and RE-WRITE your Journey.


This is why connecting with the MEGALiFE™️ Movement is life changing, because you can filter out the noise and FOCUS on you. You have one RACE that you are focusing on.  You have your goals that you are FOCUSING on and you are giving yourself permission to live a life of infinite Abundance. "You are what you FOCUS on." 

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