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90 DAY


MegaUP Bootcamp

For the first time in history, Dr. Carolyn will be taking 2100 Ladies on the MEGALiFE Wellness Journey

We are Making Everyday Good Again and Living It Fully Everyday!
The Best Part...
Ladies, the TIME is NOW!
It's time to Rise from every brokenness, despair, mistreatment, unhealthy behaviors, past pain, financial hardship, broken relationships, exhaustion, depression, and covid weight
Level UPWards and Unleash the Power and Purpose that lies within
Straighten the CROWN, brush it off, wipe the TEARS, get your track shoes on and LET'S GO!
The 90 DAY JOURNEY MegaUP Bootcamp is NOT for everyone!
It is for the LADIES who are serious and ready for the SHiFT!
You MUST be ready to invest in YOU to APPLY
If you're not serious about your
this is NOT 4 U!
Who is it for:  
The qualified 2100 ladies will receive personal Wellness Coaching from Dr. Carolyn, alongside other Coaches on the MEGALiFE Team 
She has never done this before and it's probably the ONLY time she will ever do this 
Why is she doing this? 
During a recent staff meeting, she experienced an 'aha' moment
She realized that she has the leadership, tools, solutions, and expertise that so many are looking for 

Her Team (Gen X, Y, Z) encouraged her that she's the influencer, where a FRESH and AUTHENTIC voice is needed for today
Many want to be Coached but cannot afford it, or don't know where to go 
She made the LEAD-ER-SHIP DECISION to solve that problem...
Calling all MEGA Ladies
The time is NOW, to "Be Bold & Win Gold"

What is the MEGA? 

It's Making Everyday Good Again 

It's being Intentional about making the day good regardless of what happens

It's about loving one's self and not tolerating foolishness

It's about choosing to be happy

It's about shifting the thoughts and shutting down limiting voices

It's about expanding and reaching the highest heights

It's about leading when you don't feel like it

It's about setting boundaries to live a peaceful life

It's about enjoying everyday 

It's about living life fully everyday 

It's about being healthy and overcoming challenges

It's about a state of mind that has to be created 


Dr. Carolyn will lead you on the JOURNEY

Are you ready for a FRESH START? 

Are you ready for a New Beginning? 

Are you ready to get CRYSTAL CLEAR

Are you ready to get SERIOUS about Living a Healthy life?

Do you feel like it's your TIME?

Are you ready to have meaningful Relationships?

Are you ready to connect with like-minded Visionaries?

Are you ready to change your CIRCLE and step into the MEGA CIRCLE?


Are you ready to Activate your Inner Power?

Are you ready to MEGAFY and manifest your S.T.R.O.N.G GOALS?

If you answered YES, then APPLY below to see if you qualify to be amongst the 


Ladies on the 90 DAY MegaUP Bootcamp Journey   

90 Day Journey to Wellness and Wholeness with Dr. Carolyn
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Ending on July 4th

It shall be a day of FREEDOM


  • Instant Access to the Private Facebook Group and Online Portal

  • LiFE Coaching from Dr. Carolyn and Her TEAM

  • Possibility to be featured on The Dr. Carolyn Show 

  • Instant Access to MEGALiFE™️ Virtual Class

  • Exclusive Bi-Weekly Virtual Sessions with Dr. Carolyn and her TEAM

  • Private Invitation to special events with Dr. Carolyn and her Team 

  • Complimentary Entrance into one MEGALiFE™️ Tour


MEGA Benefits:

  • Learn principles that will save YOU time and money and prevent mistakes by choosing LiFE™️ principles that works

  • Join a motivated, action oriented, results driven global MOVEMENT and learn the STEPS to Writing Your Vision and Goal Setting that produces results

  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

  • Health Sessions, including coaching from a Licensed Clinical Therapist 

  • Life Coaching from Certified Coaches

  • Nutrition guide from our Certified Nutritionist 

  • Faith Talks from our Spiritual Leaders

  • Goal Mapping & Courses

  • Be showcased on the Dr. Carolyn Show plus more...


You could be featured in the next upcoming MEGAZINE

Virtual 90 DAY JOURNEY

Seen On

Mrs USA Earth Smaller


We are excited to bring you some of the Industry's best Influencers of today! 

More Guest Celebrity Coaches joining us soon!!